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I invited people to take a photo when they saw a piece of trash in the nature and send it to me. I collected the photos, place and date of the garbage. It was a part of a group exhibition about future in Campus Allegro, Jakobstad, October 2017

vårberga borgå, 17.9.jpg
västra torsön, 30.9-17.jpg

Vårberga, Borgå 17.9

Västra Torsön, 30.9

medelhavsgatan helsingfors 26.9.jpg

Medelhavsgatan, Helsingfors 26.9

kyrkogatan, nykarleby 16.9.2017.jpg
Vasa, 20.9 sundomskola.jpg

Kyrkogatan, Nykarleby 16.9

Sundom skola, Vasa 20.9

Vendelsö, Haninge 19.9