Installation at Energiverket, Jakobstad


My final work for Yrkeshögskolan Novia, Bachelor degree in fine art.

In a time where the society expands everything to become faster, more effective and more modern, a longing for a slower way of living arises in me. A life where we are going back to the knowledges that we have learned from the people before us, where we are helping each other, recycling and creating things by hand.

I went to pick up the small tree trunks when the forest where I grew up began to be chopped down summer 2018. The tree trunks became the start of my thesis that affects nature, a childhood in a

village, presence and space. My thesis is a dialogue between the materials. I centre around the process, proceeded from my own interest in handicraft, recycling and textile. The result is a village consisting of six several houses. The houses are built manually of tree trunks from the forest, and the walls and roof made out of different textile materials. The village is an installation where I am working with the room, the houses and textile materials.


I call my work ”Here”. There is a great need of physical locations in this rushing time that we are living in, a need of a place where you and me are able to have a break. That is what I am thinking of when I am building this installation. You are free to be in the room, to go inside the installation and touch the materials. My wish is that you will feel embraced in the room.




Outdoor installation at the swedish speaking baptist conference of Finland

Hummelholmen, Monäs

Photo: Anna-Kajsa Edström


Överflöd / Runsas / Abundance


Wood, textile and moving image

(house) 76,5 x 79 x 189 cm

The woods I played in as a child have been cut down. Production and consumption are gaining, individuals ' feelings are taken rarely into consideration. I am frustrated but at the same time aware that I´m a part of this system. I own more clothes than I use. In another place, lives someone who never has walked with new shoes. I cut up the clothes that are manufactured to not hold. I weave out of our abundance while we fill our homes with more things that we don't need



The house



width: 105 cm, depth: 108 cm, height: 162 cm

I collected material from the deforestation and built a  house. I covered the house with clothes woven together.